Statement of purpose (SOP): Sample-4

January 5, 2010 at 11:31 am Leave a comment

My career goals is to serve and learn in the industry for some years (about 5-7 years) and then start doing business and excel in it. Mine is a business family so I  had natural inclination towards business since childhood. I was inspired by my father and uncle’s achievement and their success in the business. Theirs is a rags-to-riches story. Moreover, I believe having ones own business provides more freedom to take decision and change life of people around you. Although it puts one under tremendous amount of responsibility and risk factor but I think that’s when it would bring out the best in me.

Today, after completing MCA and serving in product based Software Company for almost 2 years, it’s become essential to hone my management skills for better career growth in the job. FMS being a premier institute with excellent faculty, enthusiastic and talented student group and decent location of Delhi would provide me perfect ambience to learn and achieve competence in management.

My current job in service industry has so far been very learning, both technically and personally and also very satisfying in terms of job performance. In my 2 years of working, I learnt the importance of employees (people), their expectations from management of a company and how various decisions affect and encourage the employees and final product of organization. I make sure to keep in touch with my friends in other companies to know their experiences. I also learnt how marketing decisions can make or mar the success of a product. As far as my own performance at job concerned, it’s very satisfying with couple of appreciation by management for my good work. 

So, I believe serving in the industry for another 5 years and MBA from FMS would provide me perfect launch pad to start a business with confidence and positive attitude and help me excel in that.


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